Dr Innis Cloete

(BVSc (Onderstepoort, Pretoria) 1998)

  • Welcome to our website and our practice! This is a very exciting time for me and my wife, Dr Marilet Hebler. In 2012 we decided to make the move Down Under after 12 years in the UK. In 2006 we bought 2 run-down small animal surgeries in the idyllic Suffolk countryside and enjoyed running and owning our own veterinary business. But...the UK climate got the better of us and our 3 small daughters, so we packed our UK life up to make our way down to Perth.

    The desire to own our own place again grew stronger and stronger during the course of our 1st year in Australia. I did locum work all over the Perth metropolitan area. At the earliest opportunity we started looking out for a new venture and the rest is history! We are delighted to be the new owners of Kingsway Vets since 28 May 2013 and now- Gungurru Vets!

    Both of us graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I have gained a lot of small animal experience in my 15 years of general practice. I am particularly interested in orthopeadics and surgery, as well as opthalmology (eye medicine). I also love dealing with chickens and gained a substantial amount of experience in the pet-chicken side of things in the UK. I hope to see your backyard chooks as well! ( Don't chickens just make wonderful, easy pets? And they lay eggs!)

    Our drive is to deliver a personal, dedicated and empathetic service to all of our clients and patients. We hope you will find your visits to our surgery very pleasant and friendly.

Natasha Stoltz

Veterinarian (BVSc)


Veterinary Nurse (VN)



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